HackSat One Sprite Hardware

HackSat One is a tiny self-contained satellite sprite. The hardware design is set as part of the KickSat project. It consists of a 35 x 35 mm circuit board with an MSP430 microcontroller, solar panel, magnetometer, gyroscope, oscillator and dual antennas. The board weighs about 5 grams. For details of radio reception hardware, see ground station.


Below, you can see a photograph of the dev board and dev kit. The sprite board itself is outlined in yellow, with the solar panel taking up most of the left-hand side. The boards beneath beneath the sprite are the TI LaunchPad and connecting board. Key components on the spite are:

For more detail on the sprite hardware, including EagleCAD layouts, see the KickSat Git repo.

KickSat annotated dev board

NB. The dev board (pictured) has a different oscillator to that mentioned above.

Decal by Nick Cramp.